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well.......i for one actually like the annoying smiles

MGS...best game series ever!

Yes, Metal Gear Solid is the best. However, your annimation is not! I expected alot more then this. It's crap. More effort is needed. I hate this. Your lucky I'm not in a mood for typing otherwise this Review would be alot worse.


not too impressive but good job anyways.

tenchi5000 responds:

Gee, thanx Mister...

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First slot game I've seen on Newgrounds

well theres not much to say except that this game is really not vey entertaining. However it is a slot game which I guess is new, but it's just really boring.


Why make something so crappy. Oh and I managed to beat it....Due to Cheating.(Stop the flash, then click on the box) easy way out.

Ok what the hell kind of shit was that.

That was shit, all shit. No one is even going to wanna finish watching that crap, I didn't anyways. Also if you had something funny to make fun of those Indians at the end then you made a big mistake by making the movie so dam slow and boring. This should not be on Negrounds, there's no effort what so ever. I've seen some really, really shity flashes and this one is definitly one of the top ten worst on Newgrounds. God Dam, what the hell were you thinking when you released this. No one will what to see it. I'm sorry to say it or insult you but it's all true. In the future I strongly suggest that you do not release something simular to this again for this flash will not last in the portal. If it does you really, really got lucky.

rootdown responds:

sperm -> baby
when do you want to get further?

anyways...you are right. this should not be on newgrounds. besides stuff like yours it may begin to stink too.

Does anyone play Warhammer 40k? I command the sinister Dark Eldar and Space Marines.

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Blam crappy flashes!

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